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Huge huge huge day. Also, I am so hungry, omg.

  1. We've added BBC's SHERLOCK to the website. They're hilarious and awesome, as you'd expect. (Great work by one of our writers, she's solid.)

  2. We've added Top Chef: Just Desserts to the website. They're also hilarious and awesome and naughty, as you'd expect. (Cream jokes? COME ON.)

  3. JERSEY SHORE. Mike got a beat down, and if there's a person that should be hit, it's him.

  4. Fright Night, 2011! It's by Sam, of "Captain America" fame, so you should know you're going to enjoy that.

  5. Gwyneth Paltrow on Glee! Oh, the cocktail I've concocted! It's a mod from her website, the most pretentious thing ever, and that's coming from Martha Stewart. (It is tasty, though.)

  6. This has nothing to do with anything prior, but good lord do I love these products from Origins I'm using! "Start Over" face cream and "Plantronics" toner. I have no more crows feet. LIKE, I HAVE USED ALL PRODUCTS EVER. (But I can't reasonably use La Mer - I'm too skin-flinty for $400 face cream, $350 toner, $375 eye cream, etc.) This origins stuff (and the Gin-zing eye cream) are AMAZE BALLS.

I am so hungry I need to eat all the things and then polish off some English toffee/sea salt caramel ice cream that i have. (IT TOO IS REDONK.)
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