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Much better day today, hoo boy.

Yesterday (and the day before) were rough, but I had a sprinkling of rain this morning (we're in a severe drought in Texas) which cooled the pool off which felt great to swim in which made my life joyous which made me go have delicious Thai for lunch which brings me here to you, sitting in a chili paste stupor.

Mmm, stupors.

You daily links: Hoarders, a follow up on some of the severe cases (Vula the cat hoarder, Glen the rat hoarder, omg) and I got a direct response from one of the doctors to add a little insight/discussion topic for us all.
Melody's Breaking Bad recap is up, guys, she's so funny. And that show is so great. If you're watching, you need to come on over. (She's also recapping BBCs Sherlock.)

Check out this cute girl parking that bike like a glove.

And now is time for me to get crafty with booze for the cocktail of the day for tomorrow. YAY.
Tags: hey don't judge me, recap: hoarders
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