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The week is halfway over. \o/

I have a new Glee recap for you all, and it's "Furt" - the Hudson-Hummel wedding of awesomeness. Because it's a celebration, I have a champagne cocktail: Old New Borrowed & Blue. Oh! And new shows we're adding: Vampire Diaries, Boardwalk Empire, X Factor, and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. October has The Walking Dead joining the line up, and then SouthLAnd returns in January. We will keep you entertained, folks! OR DIE TRYING. (I have a death clause in the writer's contracts.)

The end of the month is at midnight tonight, and we currently stand at 106,750 views for the month, as of 3pm CST. I'M BLOWN AWAY. That's mostly from LJ and word of mouth, not too shabby! I'm adding Amazon to our page, so you can download music from Glee, or episodes from the shows we recap on the spot. We'll get a percentage of any costs and that will allow me to pay those fabulous writers. Don't you want to support that? :) (And merchandise is coming in a week!)

Because I've spent all of my extra time on the site and building it, I've fallen woefully behind on correspondence. Guys, I'm sorry, you're going to have to give me a Mulligan on this week, with the kids back in school, etc., I'm just in over my head. I'm sorry. :(

Random crap about the weather: we are just a handful of days off here in Texas from having the hottest record in recorded history. IN TEXAS. Compute that, if you can. We're currently at 65 days of 100F+ in the season, with the record at 69 days. That was the WORST summer, I can remember that, and how miserable we were - and my sister was a baby, poor thing. And our A/C was out for two weeks. <-- cruel and unusual, omg.

We have a "cold front" moving in this weekend, knocking us down to the upper 90s. Get the sweaters. Lol.

Tomorrow morning is the start of hunt season, so the Mr. is heading out tonight to be ready at the crack of dawn. For anyone about to jump down my throat: we will only eat meat he brings home. It's far less cruel than the meat in a market, let me tell you. Also, feral hogs are HORRIBLE. Where my husband has land, a nearby farmer has lost three Labradors to feral hogs. Yes, hogs eat FULL GROWN DOGS. And calves. And sheep. And anything else they can nab. They do about $46 million in damages in the state. So it's a good thing to thin them out. They are vicious suckers. We have a saying here: "when a feral hog has six piglets, only eight are expected to survive." They reproduce like rabbits, in other words.

And? They taste delicious. Far more healthful than the pork you get at the store, all pumped up with hormones. Blech. There will be ribs and chops this Labor Day weekend, HUZZAH!@
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