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1. my laptop screen shorted out last night (I'm hooked into a monitor like it's 1998.) I'm reluctant to take it in to get fixed because COMPUTER! I need to look around and see if I can't just find a decent LCD screen to replace it and do it myself. (Fun fact: I used to build computer systems. I'm all A+ certified and stuff.)
2. I've had to kick my husband out of our bedroom for snoring. While I like sleeping diagonally, this is a short-term solution. Time to get another one of those mouth things they advertise on late night TV (they really work, they just have to be replaced every year)
3. Glee's recap is the one where Brittany takes over Rachel's look and becomes the most fashionable teen in the world. Ahahaha. Also, the day's cocktail is a redo on the Old Fashioned. It's my husband's most favorite cocktail.
4. Tomorrow: Blame it on the Alcohol. Oh, the joy in that episode. (And I wonder if I should be linking these on the Kurt/Blaine comms? Thoughts? Opinions?)
5. it is GLORIOUS outside.
6. I'm having drinks tonight with lynnenne, who is in town on business. YAY. I need a night out, for sure. Blackberry mojitos: come to me.
7. now I want guacamole and I am completely surrounded by a lack of guacamole. SAD FACES.
8. oooh, lunch time! I GO IN SEARCH OF AVOCADOS.
9. Also, I am in need of more fic after reading flaming_muse's epic story of how people treat Kurt differently, not because he's gay (Blaine gets treated another way entirely) but because of him. It's a wonderful story, if you've not read it yet.
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