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I am positively slap happy. Someone needs to Spock pinch me so I can sleep.

I owe comments, I'm getting to that next, but oh my god I am tired. it's my own fault, I had a lovely dinner/chat/drinks with lynnenne last night, but we were good girls and turned in early (she had an early flight this morning.) I got home, the Mr. was playing Oblivion (omg, he is leveling up past me and doing it on purpose so he can act like his high elf is better than my Nord, WHAT?! [/nerd rage]) so I did what any reasonable person would do.

I read, like five epicly long fanfics. I do not stay up late, because I am an old woman that likes her shut eye, but there it was, almost 1am, and I'm unable to leave because omg, what is going to happen in this chapter, will Blaine and Kurt make it, omg!??! I am laughing at myself, please. (But that rec I got yesterday? Yes, there went three hours of my life. I wouldn't trade them back.) I have something ridiculous like 10 tabs open with different stories that I want to read, but I have WORK. Fortunately it's fun work. I'm proofing today's Glee recap, it's the BLAME IT ON THE ALCOHOL episode. oh, the love I have for the comic timing in that show.

I also have the most amazing mix playing right now of mellow stuff, the kind that is pleasant and groovy but you can still write? I can't write with music on, typically. not if there's singing. I'll upload the mix and post it on Monday for those interested. Guys, I'm just.... I haven't been fannish in YEARS. And then these two crazy, proper, genteel kids show up and it's all of my things. ALL. I draw hearts, I can't help myself. (Um, keep the recs coming, btw. And if you're not reading the recaps, and you're into Glee, you're missing out. because I can't write fanfic any longer, but I do like putting in plot bunnies FOR fanfic writers there, so. Ahem.)

JERSEY SHORE. I'm back to making up shit about Ron and Sam, so that's a lot of fun for me. In my head canon, they are secret hipsters and this is an act they're putting on for their dissertations, and they have to follow it through to the end. Ron spent two years lifting weights and downing protein (oHo!) to bulk up to be "legit." Secretly they're all about rainbow clown sweaters, plastic glasses, cigarette butt necklaces, and loving Saved by the Bell reruns, because people don't really get how Slater is really like the rest of us, you guys. And they're vegans. Of course.

ANYWAY. RECAP OF JERSEY SHORE. here you go. And Sal has up Top Chef: Just Desserts, Project Runway is about to post, and [ETA] BLAME IT ON THE ALCOHOL IS UP! Big day of fun times.
Tags: hey don't judge me, ive lost my mind, recap: glee, recap: jersey shore

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