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I'm 1/3 of the way through my week's workload!

It's only Monday, so I feel good about that. What work, you might ask this stay at home mom? DUH.

Glee: SEXY. Oh my god, the love I have for so much in this episode. I do get onto Holly Holiday, though. (Not like that!! My sweet lady kisses are for Santana.)
Will writes on the whiteboard in class the next day: “SEXY.” He starts talking about when a man and a woman, or whatever combination you happen to be, he’s not there to judge, when you and someone else love each other very much, sometimes you want to try and make your puzzle pieces fit together in a dark room. Afterward, you’ll probably cry a lot. This is natural.
RHoNJ: holy crap, Gay Greg is my new favorite housewife. Also, Milania makes me think of that kid from the Twilight Zone, the one who would put you in the cornfield.
Juicy tries once again to end the headache that is her voice and says, “Yeah. Whatever. It's not us, it's them. I don't start nothing.” OH OKAY CLEARLY WE'RE ALL BLIND AND DUMB NOW. Here, let me Anne Sullivan things for you, Juicy, and waterboard you until you get that I'm signing “eff you!” into your palm.

From our other writers:
It’s Halloween and everyone at Merlotte’s is in costume, because despite living amongst vampires, witches, werewolves and maenads, they haven’t lost their sense of whimsy. Terry and Arlene are dressed as zombies, and Arlene tells Sookie that zombies are the new vamps (someone made the closeout sale at Borders, apparently).

Spartacus: OH MY GOD, IT IS SO SAD ABOUT ANDY WHITFIELD DYING. :( Too young, too young.
Alone in his cell, Spartacus is daydreaming in his tiny gladiator panties about his many recent sweaty and blood-spattered exertions in the arena, to the delighted screams of the crowd. Hm, is he starting to enjoy his fame? The tiny smile on his face at the end of the very next day’s games says OH YES INDEED.

I have dl'd a ridiculous amount of fanfic to my Kindle and plan on sitting with my feet in the pool, reading, as my reward for being so virtuous. (And tonight is RHoBH!! Everyone needs some Lisa Vanderpump in their life. Everyone.)
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