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Today in How Can I Help You Pass The Time news

Breaking Bad continues to be amazeballs, and Melody (HDJM's recapper) is outstanding, sneaking in come excellent commentary, not just blow by blow.

Also, today is ORIGINAL SONG day in GLEE. Klaine fans know just what I'm talking about. Posted early because I know a certain someone may have needed help on her lunch break. :) (And hey, help a girl out: if you like what we're doing, maybe you post about it? Or rec it somewhere? We really appreciate it and thank you for your support. *g*)

Also, if I ever write in a reply/comment to you "ALL OF THE HEARTS?" Hear Rhianna's voice from "All of the lights" singing it, because that's the only way I can say it. And guess what makes me say it? The Kiss. <3 <-- all of them.

Coming after 1pm CST the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills latest episode recap, and this season is going to be cray. zee. Next week? Taylor's in a suitcase. LITERALLY IN ONE. Oh my god.

I stupidly went for a jog with the Mr. yesterday at 4pm, and we had shot back up to triple digits. And guess who hadn't really had anything to drink all day? When you stop sweating: holy shit. The Mr. got me back to the house jiffy quick, got some Gatorade down me, and threw me in the pool (which has chilled to 78F.) WELL THAT DID THE TRICK. Also, I couldn't stop shivering for quite some time. Stupid, stupid, stupid of me, like I'm not used to exercising in heat, come on, Laura, that's bush league.

Take away moment: water bottles are not cumbersome, BRING THEM OUTDOORS IN THE HEAT. Durr.
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