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We had raaaaaaain!

Not a downpour, but enough to help some of the outlying areas to the west of us where some more grass fires had cropped out. Now just give me about three more inches, and I'll be a happy lady. Ugh, my garden is so gross you guys, it's just awful. I have two completely dead trees in the landscape. Not to mention weeds and grass in the perennial beds, but it's been so unbelievably hot and dry out, that it would be suicide to do serious work. It's supposed to be nice this weekend, so I know I'm going to have stained and sore hands come Sunday night. BLISS! Also, this is my personal reminder to order my Pink Lady tree starts so I can get my espaliers going.

Today's Glee recap (oh my god, this time next week you won't be seeing that every day from me, and while I love the show and making the drinking game, holy SHIT am i exhausted) is for Born his Way and the cocktail is a spin on a regional classic, the Paloma. Mmmm, tequila. Sorry, I was born a tequila lovin' Texan, love me or hate me, it's who I am.

Also, X Factor is gearing up, and we'll be covering that, so be sure to add us to your readers, bookmarks, what have you. Loads coming down the pike, like Vampire Diaries coming tomorrow. WOOT!

It is so nice outside Imma take my Sally Derg fer a werk and let her frolic and play the German Shepherd way. She's not wanted to be out longer than for a pee all summer and now she rolls in the grass, delighted. Yay happy dergs!
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