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I probably shouldn't have worn my ZION t-shirt today

As in Zion Nat'l Park. And I wore it to my dentist appointment today, my very BYU/Provo dentist. She forgets I'm not Mormon. My husband was in before me, and I hopped up in my seat, got my bib and mouth sucker/gagger going and she beamed at me and said, "[The Mr.] isn't a member, right? That's too bad, he'd make a great Mormon."

She remembered a little later, laughed at herself and said, "I didn't mean... Just... you know. He's so nice." If I hadn't been silenced by the tools I would have said,

"Oh, you mean he seems like a square-jawed, charming misogynistic homophobe? That's nice." LOL. But I didn't, I just laughed until the vacuum thingy almost gagged me. SORRY WE DON'T WANT YOUR PYRAMID SCHEME MACARONI AND JELLO CASSEROLE LIFESTYLE, THANKS. But she's a good dentist.

Who's watching Vampire Diaries? I ask because I've got a new writer taking Vampire Diaries on, and you might be super happy about it. :) Maybe you click like or +1 or leave a comment, IDK, just offering some suggestions. Ha.

also up: Top Chef: Just Desserts (Sally is hilarious) and Glee: Rumors with a very naughty cocktail recipe for you, the Harvey Pagebanger. As in congressional pages. I am broken, did you forget?

Oh, and there will be a Glee recap on Sunday so everything flows in time for the new season on Tuesday night, that will be Prom Queen. :) Jersey Shore (LINK HERE WHEN IT'S POSTED) will be up in a few hours, my dentist tied me up with wanting to share with me the most amazing book (it has so many awesome parts, it's all about America a long long time ago.)
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