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some pimpin' and hello's

Mr. Stoney rocks my socks. That is all I have to say about that.

I have new friends. Made some and met some. *waves to you all* One thing about Stoney to remember: I'm nothing if not loyal. So for those of you who are just coming over to play, this may be a writer that you aren't familiar with yet. She doesn't get NEAR the recognition on LJ that she deserves. Not a lot of smut, but her fics don't need it. If you ache for your dead, gay show like I do, you need to read her stories. I'm talking about wife swapping. No, I'm not. I'm talking about cityphonelines and her latest and greatest (it's a WIP so bookmark it if that bugs you) is here. It's post Big Battle and NOBODY writes Drusilla and Illyria as well as her. And how awesome is the idea of the two of them in the same room?

My last repsonse to Bad!Fic means I may need to write some more McGonalbottom. I may just have lost all of my new friends over that sentence. I do, however, want to entice dovil into the greatest tagging of bad!fic known to man.

My last karaoke/roller skate night was so much fun that I think we should do it again. Everyone meet in my journal at 10:00AM, Central time on New Year's Day (for those in other time zones, 16:00:00 GMT, Jan 1) and after for skating to the best roller-rink songs in your memory. We'll be rocking the oldies all day/night long. Be sure to stretch and tell Bobby that I totally want to make out after my mom drops me off! Do NOT let me forget to take my retainer out.
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