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This Monday feels like a Friday.

because after today, my redonkulous self-imposed work load is cut down by 80%. No lie. Oh, Glee, I love you for being a flawed thing, but G.D., that was a huge undertaking to recap every episode and create a drinking game and make a cocktail book and raise a family. I did almost nothing yesterday but write. My wrists hurt, no lie. (Oh, the Mr. made me leave my chair and go see Contagion. I liked it! I've not seen a movie in ages, so IDK if it's because it's actually good and entertaining, or because I needed relaxation. But hey, it was about viruses and there were technical terms, so I liked that. Also? I'm totally surviving the next big plague, I'm just saying. STRONG LIKE BULL.)

Ahem. Speaking of, last night I posted the recap for Prom Queen with a fabulous punch recipe (with Sue Sylvester add ins.) Excerpt (and the Free Space is to drink when a Prom clichè rears its head)

Kurt’s left there standing alone until his charming, perfect boyfriend clears his throat.

“Excuse me? Can I have this dance?”

And Kurt replies, “You can, but you may not. Learn your grammar, son!”

Kidding. ALL OF THE HEARTS. Also, [DRINK – no dance partner saved by Dapper Hero.] They have a cute dance to “Dancing Queen” by ABBA, of all things, [DRINK] sung by Mercedes and Santana. [DRINK]

Also for you this Monday: Breaking Bad, ep 10! [in final edits, give it a few minutes] And Spartacus 1.9! And Project Runway 9.7!

The Glee episode: Funeral just went up, and WARNING: I'm super emotional about my own special needs sister. I don't want to hear your mocking of that funeral, okay? Seriously, not today.

RHoNJ comes this afternoon, because I have to write it from Gay Greg's perspective or Imma lose my mind about the arguing.

I NEED BREAKFAST, what is wrong with me? *cough* I may have some new HDJM merchandise arriving today so I can do a quality check before putting up our "store." So. Excited, zomg.
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