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You need tee shirts.

Of course you do. So Hey, Don't Judge Me has a shop set up on CafePress with our banner on tees (and a tote) to get the ball rolling. I've got an artist making some of the most amazing show-inspired shirts (and I'm also getting the banner in PoC options, because not everyone has the same hair, eye color, etc.)

I just got an order that I placed for myself (testing the quality) and they're great shirts. American Apparel, and their t-shirts are the softest things ever, and they really hold up. (My husband and I owned a clothing shop a few years back, they're the only people we'd consider using, since the quality is so great. I've got everything from fitted and tight to plus-sizes and comfy.

Just getting started, there's more to come. You're supporting freelance writers with every purchase, and getting a boss shirt out of the deal. PRETTY GOOD DEAL, says I. :)

...and an official cocktail book is on the way. I'm waiting for art design on that, too. (so excited, zomg. This is just exciting for me, SORRY I AM DORKING OUT. Lol.)
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