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Coon pecker.

This was said to me today at the pool supply store. The lady was describing what her in laws use for toothpicks. See, they trap raccoons, cut them off, and then dry them to be used as toothpicks.

You can't make this shit up. You can try, but it wouldn't be as funny or bizarre.

In non hillbilly news, how about that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night? OMG. This is the season, you guys. Catch up with my recaps, then set your DVRs for Monday night. Wow.

Also, Breaking Bad went up last night, so those of you that love good TV: there you go.

And the LAST GLEE REWATCH-RECAP IS UP. Just in time for the new season to start tonight. *thunk*

ION, coon pecker.
Tags: hey don't judge me, recap: glee, recap: rhobh, wtf no seriously wtf?
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