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ATTN: Fanfic writers, But first a set of links.

Glee Season Premiere last night! I've made additions and changes to the drinking game, those that follow along. Also: THE COCKTAILS THEMSELVES COULD BE CONSIDERED SPOILERS. But then, it's a RECAP, so the whole post is a spoiler, those in other countries. I'll just put links, no details, because I'm good like that. I hate being spoiled, too.

Note: there is a part to the new season that is really upsetting to me, I give fair warning (bet you can guess what it is.)

Also, Project Runway is all caught up, and tomorrow: X-FACTOR COMES TO HDJM.

NOW, ABOUT THAT FANFIC THING. This is addressed to people who I do NOT leave feedback for. It's because I want to red pen your fic, and hey, you don't want that from me, Miss Internet Stranger, I get it.


Don't TELL me something is ridiculously hot, SHOW me that it's hot.

Example for TELL:
"He pictures what they would look like in blah blah and thought that was ridiculously hot."

Example for SHOW:
As his wife pointed her toe in a stretch, such a simple thing, she must do it every day, but the angle, the light, it made her leg look supple, sensual. He flashed on her pulling a stocking over the delicate bone of her ankle, slowly moving higher, silk on silk, her red nails stark against the black lace of the garter."

(You get where I'm going here.)

Don't TELL me something is hilarious, SHOW me that it is hilarious.
Example for TELL
He told his friend, "You think that's funny, you should see the other guy!" and his friend almost wet his pants with laughter."

Example for SHOW
He tentatively reached up to feel the tender skin around his eye. That's gonna leave a mark, he thought as he walked into the pub. His friend Paul approached him, worry on his face.

"What happened?" Paul asks.

"See, these two guys were walking into a bar, which is funny, because you'd think I would have ducked."


Just...WE LIKE THE DETAILS, we fanfic readers. These kind of details, not an encyclopedia on the intricacies of laying cement. DETAILS ABOUT THE CHARACTERS.

Brought to you by someone that almost took a Sharpie to her Kindle to correct a story I shouldn't have wasted my time on. OH HEY, WANT SOMETHING GOOD TO READ? Here you go.
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