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More pimping, a birthday wish, and a gripe at Apple

I don't know if I'll be online tomorrow, so happy birthday to brunettepet - I hope it's filled with delicious foods and booze.

We added some new shows to HDJM last night, Ringer (the new Sarah Michelle Gellar show) and Supernatural! Spread the word, click the love, read the funny. Vampire Diaries is also updated, so chickity-check 'em out.

I carpet bombed the Apple store with links to HDJM yesterday because I what else was I going to do for the three hours I had to sit and wait for a "Genius" to help me?

1. I hate that Apple is the AOL of the computer world. They want shiny, pretty, simple, I get that. but some of us know how to pop the case and fix things. GAH JUST LET ME SWAP OUT MY SIM CARD, I KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS!!! So instead I have a corrupted backup and out of the 3000 songs I used to have on my phone i have


Jesus wept. So I get to track down, re-rip, etc etc all of the freaking music (fortunately I exported the grand playlist.) Stupid stupid stupid.

2. I hate that they have FORTY THOUSAND EMPLOYEES wandering around, and then only two people at the "genius bar."

3. I hate the term "Genius Bar." You fix people's phone data or busted iPad screens. You're not a genius. Hand code some RedHat in five minutes to do a series of computations that Apple can't even do, and we'll talk. [/n3rd r4nt]

4. Bill? I miss NT pro. Man, I could do, find, fix ANYTHING in NT. Cry.

One thing I did learn is that if you get crappy reception on your 3GS iPhone, there are two antennae inside, and if one of them is bent at an angle, they almost cancel each other out in getting a signal. So. If you have an iPhone and get crappy reception, tell them (or your phone store peeps) to pop the case and realign the antenna cable and VOILA. FIVE BARS.

I have nephews (5 and 7) over today, and they are high energy and we stupidly stayed up visiting with BiL until 2am. And they were up at 7am. Ooooooh, I so tie tie. The Mr. filled up backpacks, put them on the boys, and is taking them on an "adventure" to the park. The packs weigh a good 10 pounds each, lol, so we should get a PHENOMENAL nap out of them later today. Thanks, Dog Whisperer for the tip. (lol)

Imma crash while they're at the playground, read some fic, and maybe get in a cat nap. SO TIRED, omg.
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