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Hell, son, you don't spell it, you eat it!

[Add bonus points if you get the reference.] I slept in today. I never sleep in. I really should do that more often. Sure, the kids are probably wearing bathing suits and parkas and toted a jar of peanut butter and a cold steak to school, but sleep!

I caught up on my Daily Show viewing last night and can we all just take a moment to realize that the best newsman we have on air right now is Jon Stewart? He caught that governor being disingenuous and called him on it, and kept calling him on it until the man got his point. No one else is doing this. And this leads me to my new wish for the political landscape:

All politicians need some form of mild autism or Aspergers. Lemme esplain: As folks with ASD don't typically have internal social cues, there will be no more politicking, no more ass kissing, no more tweaking things to sound just so. They will tell it like they see it and want logic. Also, the day will end on time because there will be XBoxes to play. IT COULD WORK. Well, the mother of an AS child can dream...

HDJM bidness:
New shows now on the website include the new Sarah Michelle Gellar thriller, Ringer (verdict: our recapper loved it) Supernatural (verdict: you all love the recaps, holy crap, did we get some traffic!) the X-Factor (verdict, Simon Cowell + Paula Abdul was missed) COMING LATER TODAY: Boardwalk Empire. GUYS. That show... you need to be watching, I'm just saying.

Updates: Vampire Diaries, Spartacus Blood and Sand, Project Runway, and Jersey Shore. Breaking Bad will be late today as our recapper is being attacked by manatees and porpoises (family vacation)

Also, I bought a mess of shirts to pass out from our T-Shirt Shop and they're fantastic quality. I'm just saying, you might think about buying one. (And don't tell me you have already, because you haven't. *G*) The guy that does my art work has been in Vegas for the past week, so I'm thinking he's ready to get back to work and get paid, which means new stuff coming soon, not just our banner.

HEY GUYS LETS GO GET TACOS FOR LUNCH, COME ON, MY TREAT. ETA Oh I forgot to mention that because I lost ALL OF MY MUSIC ALL OF IT OH MY GOD I spent most of yesterday looking up/re-ripping songs and am up to 134 songs back! Of >3000. *all the crying ever* I may make some requests for mp3s if I can't find things. D:
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