Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

Believe the Magic, guys.

So I really need to talk to people about last night's Glee. COME HERE AND TALK TO ME. I have feeeeeeelings, whoa whoa whoa, feeeeeeeeeelings.

And don't be jealous, but I get to mop and clean bathrooms today. Did I mention boys live in my house? Because that makes bathroom duty all the more exciting. Boys are gross, y'all. Also, I just do not enjoy scrubbing tile any more. I know, that's crazy talk. I'm officially spending the next week or two interviewing maids, I think it's just time to admit that I hate cleaning up after people. MY NAME IS STONEY AND I HATE SOAP SCUM. [/first world problems]

ION, I would like to remind anyone reading that a) I'm some chick with an LJ, I'm not the Gallup poll or other Official Polling Person. It never fails, every time I do a poll, I get people that take it way too seriously or make hem hem corrections to what I failed to add. Seriously, check the poll! tag and you'll see. I always put something stupid in them, too, as a reminder, AND YET.

Look, we all make mistakes, we all do goofy things on the internet, I'm clearly no exception. (Um, Jolly Green Giant/Hulk porn anyone? Except for how that was a beautiful love story.) But instead of deleting comments and making yourself look wanky, just move on. Or join the discussion, that's always preferred.

Sigh. I guess I'm back to my "mean girl" status again, whee? Sorry, this is a journal for adults that like to be goofy, not childish, there's a difference. If this is awful of me, then so be it. It's been 7+ years of people not getting that I'm a SILLY SILLY PERSON. If you are not a silly person, or a funny person, or someone that likes silly and funny, honestly: what are you doing here? I'm an idiot, you're wasting your time with me, truly.

now back to our regularly scheduled uni-glitter-corns as I shun the non-believers. (Oh! and those of you with delicious accounts, here's a HELPFUL GUIDE to the craptasticness-fixing needed.)

[ETA] Breaking Bad's recap is up! (our recapper is on vacation, and posting from her hotel. She's a trooper!) And Ringer 1.2 is going up as well, it's in final edits right now.
Tags: hey don't judge me, mean girl rant, recap: glee
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