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I'm REALLY having to be careful there, because I just don't want to be spoiled for shows, and man, people on Tumblr are all honey badger about it.

HDJM has a tumblr, and we are SPOILER FREE, but fannish. First, there's a poll on the latest post There's an EPIC BLOODY BATTLE being waged between GLEE and SPN on the site. Who will win? CLICK, LICK, FLICK. idk.

Then, if you know of tumblrs that are fan-based but SPOILER FREE, hit me with links! Or with yours, etc. All your tumblrs are belonging to me.

Fandoms I'm seeking:
Breaking Bad
Fringe/Sarah Michelle Gellar
Top Chef
Vampire Diaries
Boardwalk Empire
Project Runway

Meme-based, funny, pictures of previous episodes, that sort of thing. *chinfist beams* Whatchu got fer me?
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