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Perfect morning, so far.

1. Everything coming up on my playlist has been perfect, at at the right moment, too. iTunes, how can you know my mood? If I weren't too busy singing along, I'd be weirded out. (I'm up to 600 songs of 3000 restored! =| )
2. Top Chef: Just Desserts had AD ROCK on it. AD ROCK. Beasties > everything
3. The latest Ringer recap is up, too. I plan on catching up on the show this weekend. It shows promise.
4. X-Factor recap is also up, and I caught a little of the show, and Melody nails it. I have to read the recaps, I can't watch the auditions. I feel the shame some of them should be feeling.
5. Jersey Shore - I love seeing how some of them have grown. And how one in particular has not. And his name rhymes with SNITCH-uation. He seriously is the worst.
6. Good conversation with my sister, and I wish she was my neighbor.
7. Fic beta for something I am loving AND IT'S POSTED. Just Thursday KLAINE, NC-17, so mind the rating, kids.
8. Nice weather and lunch outside is on my horizon. Well, once the cat is off my lap.
9. Wine Friday with my buddy Kristi who love zombie apocalypse preparation as much as I do, plus Halloween, plus win, plus cheese, so I expect to be thoroughly happy this eve.



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Sep. 30th, 2011 06:17 pm (UTC)
Waking up to the lower 60's has put a spring in my step! I just wish I had a pogo stick to bounce around the neighborhood I am so delighted that summer has nearly come to a close!

"Top Chef" over lunch. We smoked a pork loin stuffed with dried apples and cranberries this weekend (I am convinced that is what brought on the Fall weather) and it is beyond delicious. The stuffing is like dessert. Dessert surrounded by sweet, sweet smoked meat :D

I hope your Friday continues to please!
Sep. 30th, 2011 08:14 pm (UTC)
All the hearts for you, my dear!

Oh, you guys are recapping Ringer! Yay, if I ever get around to watching it that's a huge added bonus!
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