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Supernatural & "Sookie"

SPN's recap has been blowing up on our site, so if you're not following Vanessa, you're missing out. For two weeks in a row she's had the top page on th site (Glee squeaked by for a day, so Gleeks? Gonna have to fix that if you want to stay top dog.)

Spartacus is also updated, and X-Factor's Newark/everywhere else auditions are up.

[Vampire Diaries was postponed as our recapper was called away on a business trip, but keep your eyes peeled for that today.]

But I want to put up a link to our store front, because my amazing sister has finished one of the designs I've asked for, and it's... well, I can't say that it's Sookie, because that's copyright infringement, so we'll say it's someone that wants to look like her. A wanna-be Sookie. (please note the cross stitch next to her on the couch.) *g* Coming soon: a wanna-be Snooki, a wanna-be Coach Sue, a wanna-be Daenerys [ with dragons!] and Klaine. It's all hand drawn, so it takes a while to get it just right.

And remember: every shirt/tote you buy goes to support some really cool ladies that are trying to make it as free-lance writers, so how about you show a little love? The shirts are high quality, and the price is nice. Have a LOVELY Sunday (unless you're on the Eastern Hemisphere, in which case, I'm sorry it's Monday.)
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