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I need a weekend to recover from the weekend.

Not like that, I had a sick child and not enough sleep. Well, and I stayed up until something ridiculous like 3am (oh my god I need sleeeeeeeep) drinking bottle after bottle of wine with my friend talking about everything under the sun. She's my only fannish friend in town (aside from my sister, but we only have Buffy in common, fandom wise) and you know, I just wish I had a teleporter for my friends that live elsewhere when I want to talk about Shows/Fandom. You know? Sigh.

The weather is unbelievable today, so I'm going to pull weeds, because I know how to have a good time. But hey, 1) fresh air, 2) I've not been able to be in the garden in literally MONTHS and 3) exercise.

Speaking of, I started back up on P90X today because I got la-zy this summer, as did the Mr. I fully expect him to be there with me to the end, so he has to whip himself back into top form, or go out in a fiery blaze of scotch and steaks early so I can still be attractive while on the market. Lol. OY, pull ups, I didn't miss you. Well, I did, because I loved having Angela Basset-esque arms, but man, OUCH. I'll be feeling that one tomorrow.

Oh, and it's the next to last Jersey Housewives recap, and I think this is it for me. I am missing so much good television because of my obsession with crappy TV, and I think this just needs to be it. So come celebrate the near-end with me and make it all worth it. *cry* Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire should be up later today, those girls are hustling for ya.

OH #2. You may have missed this yesterday, but we've added a new design to our store, it's NOT SOOKIE. (It is. Well. No, because we don't want to be sued.) If you love True Blood, or you loved True Blood, you might very well love this. My sister did the original artwork and she's awesome, and the shirts are high quality, soft as hell, and at a great price. Plus, EVERY PENNY EARNED goes to supporting the staff of HDJM writers, and they're worth it. :)
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