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Can someone get me one of those re-walkers please?

Today was Plyometrics, and while I was proud that Mr. Stoney was able to keep up kind of (he's not done anything but rudimentary jogging or swimming in over a year) I was unhappy with how freaking out of breath I was. Man, my butt better end up so tight you could bounce quarters off it. What I'm saying is that I'm in this chair and I don't see myself getting out of it for several hours.

Send tequila.

Speaking of booze, I had a FABULOUS bottle of wine last night, Markham Cab Sav, 2008. Absolutely delicious, highly recommend.

Speaking of booze 2, I'm almost done with the cocktail book, I'm waiting on art work and I need proper editing, I think. If anyone wanted to volunteer to do some book editing (it's very simplistic) I will repay you with swag or whatever floats your boat?

Speaking of not booze, but kind of in a way, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Good lord, that woman was an idiot about her $25,000 sunglasses. First, that's a stupid purchase. THAT IS STUPID. I don't care how rich you are, they're eye shields. Also, she was tacky and gauche. And then I have a sneaking suspicion that Kim tortures her housekeeper to relive her glory years as a mother when the cameras are off. Just a hunch. Come read and talk with me!

Also, Boardwalk Empire, The Vampire Diaries and Breaking Bad are posted and waiting for you. Show those gals some love and social networking, won't you?

AND TONIGHT IS GLEE, OMG, THIS SHOW THIS YEAR!! Guys, if you've stopped watching, or never watched, now is the time. NOW IS THE TIME. <-- maybe the sweetest, most hopeful video ever.
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