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Links and a reminder

Here's today's Glee-recap for Asian F, and I had many many thoughts. Also, it's a really delicious drink, a riff off one I had at my favorite neighborhood bar, actually. Come talk to me about the show!

Oooh, and tonight is AMERICAN HORROR STORY. And we're recapping it! (The hilarious Sam will be doing it, and she's the one that did the Thor and Captain America recaps that everyone went bananas for.) Check local listings, it's supposed to be delightfully creepy. Plus, it has Connie Britton!!

Okay, I have to workout, once I can get my legs to cooperate, and then edits because it seems I wrote 5000 words in a fic about a table yesterday. (It's better than I'm making it sound. It's a sexy table.)

AND WALKING DEAD STARTS ON THE 16TH OH MY GOD. ....there's going to be an apocalypse handbook that comes with the recaps. I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO BE PREPARED, OKAY?

And RINGER just went up, too! Hooray genre TV!
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