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Holy crap, American Horror Story, who's watching? (Plus a rec)

Because a) if you haven't, you need to be. I caught a little of it (I'm about to watch the last half of it in a minute) And B), Sam is recapping them and she's so damn funny, I don't know how you could pass her by, even if you don't know the show. She's just funny. (That show is SKURRY with SKURRY images, so be forewarned - they're in the recap, too.)

Also, the latest Ringer recap is up! Give those girls some love, they enjoy what they're doing and want to share with ze vurld.

Also #2, I had tom yum soup with extra skrimps and soba for lunch and my tummy's all burny but happy. Chile oil, I hate you but I love you. I really really do.

Rec: idoltina's For Fate to Turn The Light On. Glee, Klaine, AU where you're born blind, gain sight when you fall in love, lose sight when your love dies. Very cool premise, very interesting read. There are a few little flaws, but please don't let that keep you from a really engaging story.

I have a fic to post, but I'll do that separately, so that those of you who hate my Glee-fixation can happily scroll. :)
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