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Pimping and well wishes

Happy Birthday to a2zmom, who has been absent of late, but hopefully she'll see this. Hope you're well, R.

Pimp, the first: A very dear friend of mine, Yen Tan, is a director and movie producer who wrote and directed the very moving Ciao. It's about two friends finding love when one's lover dies. It won all sorts of awards, not just in the LGBT community, but in festivals around the globe. He's working on a new movie, and it's another quiet and lovely film about two parallel lives of two gay men in Texas. He says it's the story he's been wanting to tell for years, and he's looking for donations of any size to get it made. This is one that can go to Sundance and Cannes, and it's an important story. Maybe consider supporting it? At least go check out Ciao, you won't regret it. (Note: all funds are going to the production costs. I'm almost 100% that the actors are doing this for free. it means a lot to the people involved.)

Pimp, the second: my personal drug dealer flaming_muse (drug of choice: Klaine, and I'm not ashamed to admit it) has written another FitB story explaining the ending to the most recent episode, so heads up for spoilers to 3.3 if you've not seen it yet. I love how she writes them, and i have a sneaky suspicion that RIB follow her fics. No, really. Celebrations, PG. Read, feed.

Pimp the third, and it's self serving: Jersey Shore recap is up, and guys, THEY BROKE A DOUBLE MAGNUM OF CHIANTI. I wept, won't lie.

Pimp, the fourth, also self serving, I wrote fic yesterday! (Glee, Kurt-centric, general rating) And it's serious and sad and sweet and I love it, even if no one else does. *cry* How a boy grows up and keeps the memory of his deceased mother with him. So, yeah. Little sad in places. I cleared out the blood sweat and tears and hopefully left you with something sweet.
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