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Can't stop singing "I just had sex" [Recs post]

Note: I didn't. I've had sick children all weekend. #2 had the stomach bug, The Boy and Em had little colds, and today I had to pick up The Boy who now has the stomach bug. I am using a lot of Lysol. No me gusta tummy troubles. I helped my sister start moving into her new place on Saturday and I am so excited for her! I also have some pretty sweet bruises on my biceps from moving a sofa, so I feel tough. (Ha.) Which reminds me that I've yet to do P90X today.

Got the recap to the season finale of Real Housewives of New Jersey up, and man, this was a long-ass season. I thought they would have the normal 8 eps, but they stretched it to NINETEEN. Burned the hell out on that cray cray, ngl.

Because I was on sick watch, I actually got a lot of reading in, which I haven't been able to do in a long time. My current obsession (Glee, Klaine specifically) is a tough fandom, because there's not a lot of consideration for composition and grammar, one, and everyone wants porn. And... well. I've been in fandom a long time, and I have longtime friends that are PROFESSIONAL PORN WRITERS. So I'm a little spoiled. It's hard to find quality, is what I'm getting at (R/NC-17 or not.) I back out of the crying woobie-fied, fics that are everywhere, the repetitive borrowed phrases (holy crap, enough with "blown pupils" and "lay there wrecked." It's in EVERYTHING. Stop. Find a new way to say it, folks)

I did find two stories last night that I thought were nice, both by the same author. Not a lot of comments on them, which is sad, so if you do read, give her some attention. :) desirousof wrote a nice tie in to Merlin (even though I don't watch that show and would have like more about their reaction to it, than them talking about Merlin, because again: I don't watch it) and how someone that loves you can help you love something more when its shared. Take All The Courage You Have Left, PG. If you're looking for something naughtier, her Hard R As Soon As You Go is an easily- digested, first-love, sneaking off to have sexy times story. (Same author, name change, I believe.)

Wine Recs! Both Napa Cabs, the first is Oberon 2008. Oooh, this one was lovely. Not overly okay (which I don't care for) and a clean finish. Had it with a cheese board and salamis, would be awesome with any red meat. (Or nutty, spicy cheeses and veggies.)

#2 Atlas Peak, 2005 and this one was OUTSTANDING. Open it up, give it 15 minutes, then start drinking. Spicy, almost like a quality Spanish wine, but not overpowering. Had this with some blue cheese and bacon on crostinis, and it was a most delicious dinner for me. :) This one doesn't have a sweet finish, so I really enjoyed it. (No me gusta "vanilla" in wine.)

So what's up, chicken butts? Link me to fabulous things as it appears I'm going to be on continued sick duty for a bit. *chinfists*
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