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Whoops. I meant to have a business meeting, and it turned into a bottle of wine and talking late into the night (on a school night, no less! Tres scandale!) so I am duh-rag-ging today.

Please tell me y'all are watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Holy crap, that show is outstandingly awesome. The recap for last night is up, and here's a taste:

Taylor was going to have a “game night” with the gals, but she's just so stressed and her Life Voice Coach feels that she needs to focus on being centered with the Now, and games would symbolize Untruthfulness to her Inner Be and Peace Center.

So she foists the job onto Dana, who is more than happy to take it on, because she's, like, a professional party planner? Even though she's super busy right now, she'll totally do this and make it awesome. She's like, gonna make people play dominoes with actual bars of platinum filled with real ebony, and they'll be something like a trillion million dollars each, so...
[hair flip]

I. Love. It.

Also up, Vampire Diaries (our recapper was called away on business, and until everyone starts buying swag and advertisers start showering us with money, Actual Paying Jobs come first, mores the pity) and Boardwalk Empire, which I failed to mention last night, because see: bottle of wine.

And just a personal request from me, if you do read the girls' posts, hit the +1 or Like buttons (or tumblr, leave a comment, etc) because I can see that they get a lot of readers, but when they don't get comments or feedback, well, you know how that feels. They put in a LOT of work, a lot of hours, all with the hope of talking shop with fellow fans. Hearing "good job!" from me is like when your mom tells you you're beautiful, you know? It's nice, but... :)

ION, my friend (who I visited with last night) is an amazing artist and is going to make a cast of my head this week and hand craft a foam hair piece to my Blink Angel costume so it will look better than the wig I fashioned a few years ago. I LOVE HALLOWEEN, OH MY GOODNESS.


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Oct. 12th, 2011 05:30 am (UTC)
I completely forgot you were a weeping angel.

This is another reason you must see Sleep No More.
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