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If you ever find that you're getting a little full of yourself -

just do an hour and a half of yoga. That should cure you. Or me. I feel delightfully noodly and zen, but I had a few spills when I caught sight of myself attempting a reverse half-moon pose and cracked the hell up.

Ringer peeps! The latest recap is up, and it looks like that show is picking up, huh? And today is Jerzday, so I'll get my dose of Vinny's Beard and Pauly D, the sweetest bromance on TV. There should be some content going up later today, too: American Horror Story and Top Chef: Just Desserts, so check back later today.

I read an achy-sweet little RPF just now, for those not opposed to such things (pining, no actual relationship) Of Hearts And Lips And Yearning by kshiying, and I'm thinking she's fairly new to the game AND she asked for concrit, something almost unheard of in these days. Go encourage nice, thoughtful writing from a youngun. :)

I was a model of efficiency yesterday, and I'm going to dive back into MS editing and tweaking and then begins the long funeral dirge of trying to nail a book agent. CHIN UP! Keep strong and do shit! Whatever positive things!

(side note to a handful of you, "Whatever Happened To Corey Haim" just came on my playmix and I had a sad. Lucas! :( WHATEVER, WE ALL HAVE OUR THINGS, OKAY?

My MiL just texted me to tell me she's on the train to the State Fair. And then emailed me that she texted me. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUU! (Countdown to a phone call to see if I got the email about the text in three...two...)
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