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Monday links for you

WALKING DEAD RECAP. (I've still not watched the episode, so NO SPOILERS, PLS. Throw your discussion over at Kristi and make a new writer happy, would ya?

PROJECT RUNWAY RECAP - she was our pinch hitter, so she has been juggling loads of RL with recaps, but the season is wrapping up!

SUPERNATURAL RECAP, and holy crap, does the fandom love our recapper. Which pleases me greatly, because I've known Vanessa for a long time - she's awesome.

Boardwalk Empire and the Jersey Housewives finale to come later this afternoon.

Currently I have immersed myself in what is going to be a 50,000+ Klaine AU. Where Blaine is a fireman. I don't even know who I am anymore. (And non-stop parent/teacher conferences today. Just tell me if there's a problem, I already know my kids are awesome. Unless they're living double lives, their grades speak for themselves, ugh. I fully admit to being the laziest, worst parent ever. Your point is? *g*)

OH YEAH AND HOARDERS COMES BACK TONIGHT. So get ready to talk with me tomorrow about it. I said get ready.
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