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Hoarders, or, I continue to stalk Cory Chalmers and Matt Paxton

LOL. I did get a quick message from Cory for this episode, and am waiting to hear back from Dr. Chabaud and Dorothy Breninger. HOARDERS RECAP IS HERE. I'm telling you, this show is fascinating and I know some people find it exploitative, but they do real work that helps. They won an Emmy, okay? ;)

I am running like a chicken with it's head cut off today, so the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recap won't be able to go up until this afternoon. LAWS, it was a Mean Girl party last night.

BOARDWALK EMPIRE RECAP is waiting for you, as well.

I have been firing on all pistons since 6:20am, and had Plyo today, so if I don't get something to eat, I am going to pass out. I know I owe a few people emails, I'll get to it eventually, promise. (You know how some of y'all have asked how I do it all? BY GOING CRAZY. So... gimmie an hour to catch my breath. :D)
Tags: hey don't judge me, ive lost my mind, recap: hoarders

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