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Seriously, that is the richest man I've ever seen

[and by rich I mean "surrounded by riches" - Warren Buffet's had the same damn suit for 10 years, I can agree with those kind of riches.)

Please tell me you saw the redonk 60,000 sq ft house on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night? They showed his house last year, briefly, and it's beyond palatial. You see his home and see a palace in Dubai and sneer. DAMN.

Basically, the recap is up, and I am having way to much fun with them, I can't help it.


Now, I’ve had spa days with the gals, and it’s usually two or three of us hitting the local day spa for a massage, facial, and maybe a mani-pedi. This is Beverly Hills, you freaking hicks, so let’s step it up, okay?

Adrienne has her own spa in her house. Before you think that means a mud room converted into a place with a Hammecher-Schlemmer massage table jammed in by the stand-alone sink, it entails:

  • a spray tan booth
  • lasers
  • hydrofacial machines
  • 2 manicurists on staff as well as
  • 3 masseuses
  • 2 aestheticians
  • 3 waiters
  • and Chef Bernie

You know. Your typical run of the mill “in home spa.” Now go stand in your bathroom and look at those “spa towels” you bought yourself and your bamboo accessories for soaps and scrubies and the inflatable pillow for the bathtub and the bamboo and chrome “table” for your bathtub that holds a glass of wine and realize that you will never have this. Shame on you for trying.
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