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Well, THAT was a magical evening.

Let's just say that I had an evening where my toes curled. HEY: Minds out of the gutter.

1) the Executive Producer of Hoarders messaged me a thank you for Hey, Don't Judge Me. I'M SORRY WHAT!? And YOU ARE WELCOME, MADAM. Also, would A&E like to advertise on the site, because i would really like to shower the writers with cash. (Hmm, I should probably build to that last one with her.)

BUT STILL. Pretty freaking cool.

2) I was contacted by a director who wants me for a film (short) that he's shooting in Nov., sent my way by a former co-star in another film. I've almost quit acting since summer (I told my agent no more auditions, I just don't have it in me any more) so that was a super nice surprise. I love acting. I hate auditioning. Also, I get to play a suspiciously rotten mother, so I can work through some of my "the children are driving me BANANAS" angst, which is less arrest-y.

I'm up to 15K on a fic that is just starting. Fairly new people: I am the queen of spare, the short 1 off, the "lemme look at a picture of Goya's Saturn eating his Son and write 100 words with Angel and baby Connor. Done. I have no idea what Glee is doing to me. But I like it.

Speaking of, I have head-canon now about Blaine Anderson's family.

Do you watch Happy Endings? Because I'm fairly certain that Max is Blaine's older half-brother (Blaine's dad was married before, didn't work out, married Blaine's mom and moved to Ohio, there you go. But Blaine's dad got along with Max better, because - although he is also gay - he's a man's man. And Max wants Blaine to come spend a summer with him in Chicago where they can ave Nerf fights, drive Dave nuts, and go cruising for other hot gay brothers. Blaine comes back to Lima after a visit and gets along GREAT with Finn as a result. Also, Max has a crush on Finn after hearing about him. LOL.) I HAVE DETAILED IDEAS.

Here he is being adorably irritated:

You can totally see it, right? Also, I want him to crawl on top of me and lick my neck. And then take me out for brats-n-beer. I have specific needs, what can I tell you.

And Andy Cohen (Bravo TV's executive producer and host of Watch What Happens Live, I love him) is their fantastic gay uncle in NYC and they spend summers sailing with him in the Hamptons. I'm telling you, this is truth.

When I figured that out, I was all:

(I also made this face after seeing the message from the Ex.Pr. of Hoarders. Who thanked me. You know. In case you forgot that.)

Here, have a cute sleepover/slumber party fic. Finn and Blaine make a pillow fort. Also, regala_electra wrote a fun (and hot and snarky) Santana-Blaine frenemies fic wherein she teaches Blaine how to properly pitch his woo. Read and feed, support fellow authors, y'all!
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