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In which I confess just how dorky I can be

I was woken up this morning at 5am by my daughter (trying to sneak in to borrow a curling iron.) One of those sit straight up from a dead sleep kind of things where I couldn't go back to sleep.

As such, I got everything done way early this morning, which is nice. But now I feel discombobulated and almost dreamy, you know that feeling where you're almost shaky you find yourself standing in one room with no idea what you're doing and then you start singing Radiohead to the dog? Just me?

Hey, she likes it. She's a total slut for Thom Yorke, jeez, get a room, Sally Derg.

I have Phantogram, Bent, and Air on repeat to keep that floaty sensation going and I realized I was standing still in my room a minute ago, eyes closed, and rocking on my feet rhythmically. And I have no idea how long I was doing that. AHAHAHA. Wow, me, go back to bed. Or go eat, yeesh.

Oh, but I can't because I have a quiet house and have to make good use of it.

Your random fact: Happy Endings (please tell me you are watching this show, holy crap Penny and Max's Halloween costume was the GREATEST COUPLE COSTUME EVER.) is produced by Jonathon Groff! *rainbow hand* The more you know.

Also, South Park last night was all about musicals being subliminal messages for women to give their husband's Oral Intensity. LOL.

Okay, I'm going to stand in the closet and laugh at nothing for five minutes, I guess. Bed time is coming EARLY tonight, wow.
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