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My crazy day, plus two recs

HOARDERS RECAP is up, and a warning: one case is an animal hoarder. It's clear as to where his story ends and the very heartwarming story of Vivian begins, if you'd prefer scrolling past (and I don't blame you. I was in tears more than once last night, wishing I could skip the animal-centric episodes.)

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will be up after lunch - we finally have the opulent party of craziness!

GLEE COMES BACK TONIGHT. Do not talk about ANY SPOILERS, no matter if you think I should already know. I HATE that I've been spoiled for some things, and just don't want any speculation, please. Having said that, if you're desperate for some fic, I have two for you, and both are NC-17 for those opposed to that (lol):

One is by anonymous in the Glee Kink Meme, a 50s-style AU Klaine. Hot like burning. I wish it wasn't in short bursts, because I could read this fleshed out more and as a long fic and be a happy person. She's planning on a sequel.

And this AU fic is pretty good, too, but I tend to like everything she writes. Bad boy Kurt, dweeby Blaine, lots of smex. She's entertaining, for sure. (Although I struggle with her Brittany. I feel that way about most people's Brittany's, though, so YMMV. Also, it's like one scene, the rest is pretty great.)

Okay, I have to get my plyo in and then whip up the RHoBH recap. (Halloween was fairly uneventful, mostly because we had our fun Saturday. But the kids had a good time with random outfits and friends. And I am staring at a pile of Almond Joys and trying to stay strong.)
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