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#2 post, but links!

Boardwalk Empire's recap is up!

And the RHoBH Recap, too! Dude, I kept saying, "Opulence: I has it."

Here's an excerpt about someone's face lift procedure:

In the surgery, Paul is all business telling some yahoo to shut up with the whistling. Then he accidentally squirts fat on someone. Everyone comments on how the anesthesiologist looks like Mark Walhberg, so Paul calls up Markie Mark, because they’re BFF, and says this guy is claiming he’s better looking and can kick Mark Walhberg’s ass.

Markie Mark shows up and pins the anesthesiologist to the floor, punching him in the head, rapping, “Feel the vibration! Come on, come on, feel it, feel it!" The guy throws his hands up and begs off. Markie spits in his face and says, “I created Entourage, bitch!”

Paul asks for a scalpel and continues with the procedure.

Damn, just imagine if he had the funky bunch in there.
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