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On the recent death of a dear friend.

She and I have only been friends for four years, but they were filled with so much laughter. She came into my life during a really dark period and shared tears with me, adventures, apocalypse preparation (of course!) and on some occasions when I was lonely, passion. Please don't judge me. I want to record our relationship accurately.

She and I have bathed together, have swam together, traveled together, and she brought me immeasurable amounts of joy. She started showing signs of illness a few weeks ago, but I thought it was just a little thing, you know? Stuttering, forgetting things, it happens.

But today was it, her last day. The life drained out of her as I watched horrified. I called for help and got a woman named "Karen" on the phone. She walked me through emergency care, and when nothing helped and all signs of life were gone, she comforted me. Karen told me that I could upgrade for only a restocking fee.

"How can I so quickly replace her? You monster! Oh, is that the one with the 3G and wireless? Okay! You have my information on file? Excellent. Well, I appreciate your help."

To Stoney's Kindle, I've loved you. You were a first generation eReader, and we grew together, didn't we? I promise to love my new Kindle (but you'll always be my first.)

R.I.P. August 8, 2007 - November 1, 2011.

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