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The food of my people.

One dude from Seattle soaked rabbit in adobo. I want to marry him, and I will even gladly mop the floors (the one task I hate above all others) for him to cook for me.

I'm talking about Top Chef: Texas. Which we've added to our recaps, and I'm doing them. Yes, I needed more things on my plate, what? COME ON, THEY ARE IN MY HOMELAND. I did go off on them ignoring Houston, which has uh-may-zing food - the city is crazy diverse, so you can eat anything and it's going to be delicious. WHATEVER. Also, they stupidly filmed it in JULY. So they never went outside, apparently (not that I blame them, it was a record-breaking summer. 110+ every single day during their filming. Oy.)

Man, I love food. Which makes the fact that I've not had breakfast yet redonk. Oh, egg and spinach omlette, I will nom you soon.

Melody will have her X-Factor recap up soon, for those of you following along.

A cold front moved in last night and it's a properly chilly day, so I'm slow cooking a venison stew with a Cote du Rhone (pretend I put the hats on the appropriate vowels) reduction mixed in and did I mention I love food? Also, Happy Endings, Max rubbing his face on the sandwich, whispering, "Steaktanic" had me laughing pretty hard. And getting hungry. And wanting to kiss his face. While eating Steaktanic.
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