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Weekend Link wraps up + This man is prettier than Natassja Kinski

This is a man. He is a fabulous, androgynous male model. And he is more beautiful than Natassja Kinski in her famous Richard Avedon (my all time favorite photographer) photo shoot.

I mean, damn.

Recaps/Review Link Round-Up for your Friday Time-Killing Pleasure:
American Horror Story 1.5
X Factor Top 12 + Results
Top Chef: Texas
Ringer 1.07
Glee 3.04
Real Housewives 2.8
Boardwalk Empire 2.06
Hoarders John, Vivian
The Walking Dead 2.3

Coming later today and tomorrow: Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.

...and I'm going to recap the Breaking Dawn movies. My daughter convinced me. I guess that means I'll have to see #3? BAH. I'm going to break my rule of only recapping things I love. BUT I LOVE TO MOCK TWILIGHT, so I can't help it. Also, my soul needs closure. [insert image of Ariel with her hands pleading/clenched in agony]

The kids and The Mr. are going camping at the deer lease this weekend (while The Mr. and The Boy clear out the feral pigs) so I have the house to myself to write, write write. YAY. Oooh, and to fill up my new Kindle with all my fave fanfics. \o/

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