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THANKyouforcalingInnitech. JUSTamoment.

Get it? Because someone has a case of the Mondays. Hurr. I sent Miss Emily off to Science Camp for the week, and it was so cute to see all of the little kids at the school excited and nervous to go on an away trip during the school week. It's also funny to see some of the more spoiled kids who have never "roughed it" in a cabin before, and having matching luggage. LOL. They'll make excellent speed bumps for my family when the zombies rise, thank you for your brave sacrifice, people.

I cranked my workout to 11 today because I noticed that my jeans are fitting loosely, and that's a good feeling. Time to celebrate with a bottle of wine! What do you mean that's counterintuitive? Next week I'm going to do doubles (P90X in the morning and Turbo Fires in the afternoon, just the HIIT workouts every other day) because I want to reach my goal by New Years. Also, the BFF is doing ultra-marathons and I can't say that I'm not curious to give it a try. I mean, I walked 60 miles in 18 hours, I should be able to run 35. *laughs for ever* Well, maybe after I reach my fitness goals. [I can't deny that there hasn't always been a part of me that wants to see how far I can push myself, so. *shrug* ]

Awesome things that happened this weekend:

  • Was told that I was someone's favorite trailer slut. \o/ (and someone mentioned me specifically in a review on imdb, and I got a little choked up, ngl.)
  • Another movie I was in won AFI's audience pick and has this great article in VARIETY, so that's pretty boss
  • the Mr. cured and smoked a ham (that he got with his own hands) and we ate it last night and I almost made love to that joint of meat, oh my goodness.
  • I realized that - not counting recaps for HDJM or edits to Oh My Heck, I've written 62,000 words this November. That's right, in two weeks. Tack on the recaps and we're looking at 75K+. My hands are so buff, you guys.

THE WALKING DEAD. Guys? Guys. Guyth. Theriouth. I'm theriouth. I love that show. Kristi got her recap up after midnight last night, and you should read it, talk about the show (the discussions go on all week, it's really great) and yeah. I LOVE DARYL DIXON.

(Lastly, we'll have Simon Cowell-esque [zomg don't sue us] merch up at our store, and one of our writer's daughters did it, and it's SO DAMN CUTE. Baby artist support FTW!) I need to figure out how to do html on that site so I can organize products. =/
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