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My crazy day. Um, for those of you that sent me messages last night while Hoarders was on? YEAH. I had a reaction to the angry, abusive mom. Ahem. RECAP FOR HOARDERS. Funny side note, the other story, Judy? They live on the backside of the mountain where my dad grew up and where I lived for a while taking care of my grandma. And yes, the family's Mormon. :D Clues all over the place. (But I think they're Jack Mormons, aka lapsed. I point out the clues in the recap. *g*)

Sally got her Boardwalk Empire recap up yesterday, and they're really excellent, if you're watching the show.

I still have Plyo (next week is my off week, and oh, will my knees be happy) and a Real Housewives recap to write, then hopefully a few hours of my own writing to do, and then once I get hand replacements, it's Glee night! So I need to get the cocktail ready. Write all this down, there will be a test tomorrow, lol.

HEY I AM BORING HI EVERYONE. Pull my finger. Tell me fun stories. Link me to wacky shenanigans. PIC SPAM ME. I love it all.

(...half of my household is gone and I don't know what to do with myself. Aside from enjoying the hell out of it.)
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