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I'm pretty opinionated. (NO! You don't say!) There are some things where I will brook no argument, without question. But the controversy on last night's Glee is not one of them. I definitely felt that I got what the writers were TRYING to say and failed to do so, but the more discussion I have with the amazingly smart and thoughtful comments in this post, the more I'm realizing that I was totally thinking from a place of privilege.

And being reminded of that is always a good thing. The nicest, most positive ass-handing ever, guys. (Meaning, my ass. Handed to me.) I really love and appreciate every single comment that comes in at HDJM. We have good discussions, y'all.

Ultimately I think it boils down to the writers not fully thinking things through. BUT. The beautiful thing is the conversation coming out of this topic. (PLEASE, NO SPOILERS HERE, SOME PEOPLE HAVEN'T WATCHED YET.) As we move into a more open and tolerant society, this sort of thing is likely to happen - this might open the eyes for a lot of people, not just me.

And now I go to wash everything my Emily has come home with, as there was a cabin with bed bugs, and I am thoroughly skeeved. OH MY GOD.
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