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There is no mention of cocaine in this post.

only in the one before it.

Ringer's recap is up (our author was dealing with family issues, so please know she's awesome for still coming to work) and I love how that show has finally started it's slow build and is picking up steam.

And flaming_muse has dealt with the controversy of this week's Glee episode by writing a really thoughtful fic, OUT. Spoilers for the episode, obv., and deals with implied homophobia. This is why she's my favorite writer in that fandom. Well, and everything else she writes.

(catch up here, if you'd like - great discussion in comments and please, let's keep it civil and buck the internet trend)

I just did an hour and a half of yoga and want to flop on the floor for nineteen hours. *cough* I may have extended a few of those water breaks, oy.
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