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Loads of links and recs

Need reading material for your holiday week? Or, not a holiday where you are, but need reading material as all of the Americans flake on you this week? I'm here for you.

At Hey, Don't Judge Me:
  • Twilight's Breaking Dawn Recap (and I'm disappointed that I only have a handful of "wow, you're pathetic for not liking this" comments. Oh, the Twidiots will come, eventually. I've got my fingers crossed. [And the LDS Sparkledammerung had its 7 Millionth Hit this weekend. O_O
  • The Walking Dead - and boy, there were a few things last night I didn't see coming. Kristi's got you covered, expect some good discussion in comments this week.
  • Supernatural - Vanessa takes on what I'm guessing was a controversial episode? IDK, SPN fen, it seems like they all are. :D
  • Sam's recap of American Horror Story - I think the general consensus on this show is that it's been a slow - but awesome - build. I plan on mainlining it this week.

(Boardwalk Empire, later this afternoon, tomorrow is Hoarders and RHoBH, and Thursday is Top Chef Texas - it'll be a slow week as a lot of shows are on holiday break/mini-hiatuses.)

Glee Fic Recs I'm not giving up, I know a lot of you aren't in the fandom, but these are all amazing stories REGARDLESS of fandom. I have high-tone fic taste buds.
  • robotsfighting I linked her amazing Santana struggling in the closet story last week, and here's another one: A Way Of Repeating Itself. Blaine jumps down Finn's throat after 3.06. Deals with outing struggles.
  • likethdirection (someone I'm not familiar with but will be watching now) wrote a very sweet story about Kurt helping Rory clean up after the dodgeball incident. This will make you love Kurt Hummel even more. Sometimes I Take The Long Way Home.
  • selenakyle - another new to me writer - wrote a PAINFUL (but so good) story about the year after Kurt leaves. And sees Blaine. JUST KNOW: it's sad. But good. Till The World Ends.
  • Happy-making fic (and porny and lovely) is cimmerians While We Two Keep Together. Bullet-proof kink, here, young loves playing house. And it's NC-17, so know that. <3 And really, you're not going to go wrong with clicking on anything she writes.
  • & pretty much everything flaming_muse writes. One, she's outstanding with character and stories that are based on emotions. Two, she's prolific. Three, she's really one of the best writers in the fandom, and her Kurt and Blaine are my Kurt and Blaine. And they happen to be the show's Kurt and Blaine, so that works out, right? :)

I've found that when I go off flist, the recs tend to be of the, um, variety. Take that as you will. So know that these are road tested and fandom dinosaur approved. Feed your authors, it's how they know to keep producing the quality goods.

The fam is going off for one final camping trip before Thanksgiving lands, so I have three days to bake and write. \o/
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