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Last thing!

I want to brag about one of HDJM's writer's daughter. She emailed me and asked if she could design some artwork for the Hey, Don't Judge Me store. Well, lemme see what you got, kid. (She is a kid, too.)

She's only 14 years old. Adorable! I love that he's winking (and if you go to our store and look at the flat images - the mugs show up the most clear on LJ, which is why I use that - you'll see the "Pepsi" on the sofa.

How cute is that?

So what, you want to make a kid cry? Buy a damn magnet, what you don't have things you need to hold up? If we get good sales, we'll add a Paula. :)

Those that have bought items from our stores have said how happy they were with their purchase, so, I'm just saying. You might look into some fandom love for this holiday shopping time. (Hahaha. I'm pathetic. I'm just trying to earn money for these girls, that's all.)

Feel free to pass the links around, link people here, whatever. Let's make a kid's dream come true of being a commercial artist. <3

[ETA] And if there's a product you'd LIKE to see that isn't there, drop me a line and I'll add it post haste! :)
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