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Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my holidays, but I am worn the hell out. And I learned that when my MiL doesn't act up (she was lovely!) my husband gets stressed waiting for the other shoe to drop and then takes it out on me. FUN. Except for how I made him apologize all day yesterday for being a turd-face. Boys.

First, let's talk about how I want to have Darryl Dixon babies. Kristi, our normal recapper, was struck with a massive flu while traveling for the holidays, and won't have her recap up until tonight, so there's a discussion post about salient topics (i.e. how Darryl Dixon is the new moral center of the show among other things) up instead.

I finally forced myself to finish Never Let Me Go - the movie - last night, and oh my HEART. I've read the book (which is gorgeous, gorgeous) but Carey Mulligan owns my soul, guys. Sobbing. Openly weeping by the end, won't even act like I wasn't. Like, the ugly cry. If you've never seen it, or read it, run, don't walk, and fix that.

OH! I bet you forgot to go to the HDJM shop and buy an awesome long sleeved Breaking Bad tee, or a Simon Cowell mug, or an adorable Klaine iPad case, right? Whew, good thing I reminded you, huh? :D

I want to leave you with the most awesome video ever.

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