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Guyth. Theriouthly.

Some of my best work is done in those gee dee Real Housewives recaps. You should stop missing out on my hilariousness. (I totally tried typing that with a straight face, and couldn't do it. HA. I laugh at myself! Even though I still think it. I still think it.)

Recap is up!


Russell says with a straight face (but then, he’s had some work done) that Camille said things that are “blatantly false.” He tells Taylor to rise above it. They swing by Kyle’s house to pick her and Mauricio up. Kyle, I love her. I didn’t, then I did. But that DRESS. Oh, the lime green gown with the horrid bodice of bagginess… It makes her breasts look like Strega Nona in evening wear.


And now I go to get a tetanus shot. If you get an email or comment that is nothing but the letter J, it's because my arm is dead and I need help.
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