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Whine Wednesday

I am a complete baby when it comes to sleep, I'll be totally up front. I usually get 7 hours, 7 solid hours every single night. 8 is better. 6 is challenging. I didn't go to bed until well after 1am and then was up at 6 and I want to diiiiiieeeee. Not really, I want to sleeeeeeeep.

Last night as the last child came back (they always come back) from running around the neighborhood, I pressed the buttons to close the garage doors and the one behind my car gave a godawful thump/crumpleSKREEEEEEEE before I could push the release. It jumped the track and warped and twisted into a big mess and is now blocking my car from exiting. It was one of those standing there with my hands in my hair and mouth open moments. FUN. So hopefully I can get a repairman out because otherwise I AM TRAPPED. O_O

It was a hit or miss episode on GLEE last night (Klaine moments! Cooter/Sue moments?) but the recap is up, and the cocktail is REALLY TASTY (I broke my "no alcohol during the week" rule when I started back on P90X to make sure, so come on. Make my slowed metabolism worth it.)

I have P90X and TurboFire HIIT to do today, because I'm insane. Also, I miss being in fighting shape. Because I wanna fight. Put me in, Coach! I am now insane from lack of sleep, I hope you're happy, Science. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

WAIT. I wanted to put a rec out there before I go back to sleep. Why don't you have flaming_muse on your flist yet, if you love fabulous fanfiction? It's really your loss. She wrote a fic that was posted yesterday, and it deals with Kurt explaining why he's never serenaded Blaine (have you noticed? She and I have.) As always, it's utterly wonderful and filled with lovely emotions and visuals. "I Want To Tell You," PG-13.

ALSO. Dear NaNoWriMo. I totes should have signed up this year. Without counting LJ, FB, Twitter, comments, emails (and there were a lot) OR MY BOOK THAT I'VE BEEN EDITING, (because I didn't have a before/after word count to keep me honest, so I'll just dismiss it right out) I have a monthly November writing total of, wait for it, 122,122. So. I'm kinda proud of me. Even if I have nothing to show for it.

Okay. NOW I am going to wander around with my clothes on inside out looking for coffee.
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