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Flist Swap

Because I'm fashionably late (read: behind because I was sooper busy yesterday), I'm doing the flist swap as mentioned in circe_tigana's journal TODAY! sisterelwood (the name just cracks me up. She's on a mission from God.) is taking over my journal's flist, so if you see her name pop up in comments on your posts, that's why. She's me. Only... not.

But come on! Crazy nun fetish? How perfect is that for my journal lately? BTW: "The Sound of Sucking" will be finished later today for crazydiamondsue and if you have any interest in Wesley, Cordelia, or a well written story, check out karabair's winter_of_wes fic.

And now I'm done with the name dropping. dovil. Now I am. Hee!

[ETA] Nope. One more: cityphonelines. Make me an icon, ho!

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