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I'm going to do my best to not be a putz

Enough people that I respect think it's a good idea, so I went ahead and added a "Donate" button on HDJM for people who want to support the staff in some way but not have to get a coffee mug or t-shirt out of the deal. TIP CUP. NPR FUND DRIVE. That's how we'll think of it?

The money all goes to the bare costs of running it and to the other writers (they're all, 'we're going to be paid?' YES.) so if you hate my guts but love them, you can stick it to me with each and every donation. :)

In other news, The Mr. has started watching Breaking Bad, and just by me listening in the background I can tell that YEAH. THAT'S A GOOD SHOW. Daaaaaark and smart, just like I like tv.

It's 10 minutes to booze o'clock! (Markham, 2007 Merlot - I love their Cabernet, but the merlot is outstanding and half the price, making my husband happy. Whatever, I have one vice, I want the good stuff. Oh, if you try it, let it breathe for a good hour before you drink it. Your mouth will thank you for your patience, as well.)
Tags: hey don't judge me, wine list
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