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Why the arm flailing, ladies?

Glee last night...that was weird, what the girls were doing in their routine, right? With the weird arm pumping and waving? Or maybe it was just because of the choppy editing, IDK. ANYWAY. Recap is up! (The recap's drink is CRAZY delicious. Have you discovered honey liqueurs yet? HOLY CRAP. Nom.)

I am going to be offline mostly because after two months and change, I am FINALLY going to take my laptop in to get the LED screen repaired. (Couldn't do it myself because a) I don't trust wholesalers for LED screens and b) I don't have a clean room, and if you get anything like, say, cat hair behind it, you're going to see a big magnified hair forever. So.) Dr. Laptop thinks he can fix it in one day (I actually suspect the lamp is the problem, not the screen/cable) Thankfully I have a netbook for basics, but it's not the same. My husband just wants me to buy a new computer, to which I scoff. Wasteful! Mine is still great, the processor could stand an upgrade, but otherwise, it does everything I need. ALSO I HAVE A ONE OF A KIND CASE, and I'm not willing to part with it. I always get comments on it when I go to coffee shops. I <3 my laptop.

Oh, and I need to upload some pictures once I get it back. I made a Kindle cover over the Thanksgiving weekend from an old book I bought at that shop, Curiosities. The book? "I Was a Teenage Dwarf." Ha! (I removed all the pages, I didn't cut a hole in them. I'm not 100% satisfied with the way it turned out, but it looks cool, so... Eh, first time making one, so not too shabby.

OK. Workout, clean up, and then a date with my resident drummer, as he'll be leaving to live the life of a corporate rock star soon. *snerk*


Dec. 7th, 2011 03:03 pm (UTC)
I hope so, too. I know this will be cheaper than sending it in to Dell, which... boo, Dell. BOO.

Hooray!! I'll post them ASAP.


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